Due to the

Covid 19 Virus

our 2020 physical Medicine Gathering Oxbow Park camp event has been canceled.  

We are NOW working on an interactive 


Please stay connected with us, we will soon have more details on how you can participate on this 3 day event scheduled for the same dates Sept 11th thru 13th 2020.


We have also locked the dates for Sept 2021 to resume our annual Medicine Gathering at Oxbow Park


Thank you!

If you have any ideas you'd like to share with us, please feel free to email subscribe with us and we will respond as soon as we can.   

Thank you for attending our Medicine Gathering II

“Women Warrior’s Protecting Mother Earth”

Oxbow Park

Gresham, OR

September 6th -9th 2019

Group Camp 1 & Eagle Shelter

Slide show for both events are at the bottom of this page.

Medicine Gathering II

“Women Warrior’s Protecting Mother Earth”

Oxbow Park

Gresham, OR

September 6th -9th 2019

Group Camp 1 & Eagle Shelter


Hosted by


Pacific Northwest Council of Water Protectors

We envision a regional Medicine Gathering of Indigenous and allies to continue protection of our sacred waters and to teach self-sufficiency for our families. We are a coalition of Indigenous and non-Indigenous supporters who carry forward the fire that began at Standing Rock to protect our sacred water and maintain the sovereignty of tribal nations. The council is guided by our Indigenous Elders on organization protocols, spiritual practices, and direct actions by council members. Our Indigenous Elders model respect and take the lead in all sacred ceremonies. We decide on fundraising strategies and which Indigenous communities to support through fact-finding and group consensus, with guidance from our Indigenous Elders. We welcome like-minded and dedicated individuals who seek to protect our Earth Mother and the spiritual beings and relatives gifted by our Creator. This year, we are partnering with the Future Generations Collaborative.


Future Generations Collaborative

A local effort in Multnomah County to reduce substance affected pregnancies in the Native community. The FGC understands the lasting impacts of historical and intergenerational trauma as well as the impacts of neuro-trauma and through awareness, education, opportunities for healing and policy work, the FGC strives to help those impacted with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), to help systems better serve those with an FASD, to help change community norms around alcohol and to help prevent FASD’s by promoting healthy pregnancies and families.


Sponsorship from

Portland Metro

Earth Generation Council

Mother Nation

Native Wellness Institute

Strong Men Strong Community





2nd annual Medicine Gathering


Warrior Women Protecting Mother Earth

Slide Show 

2018 First PNWCWP Medicine Gathering 


Our 2nd  Annual 2019 medicine gathering event was absolutely beautiful! Thank you all for contributing, participating, and attending. We will see you next year.