The Pacific North West Counsel Of  Water Protectors


was formed together out of the Standing Rock Movement that took place in 2016 when people from all over the world traveled to the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota.  

Over 15,000 people came together and camped for nearly a year, to stand up in peaceful protest, prayer, song and in solidarity. 

We stood and stayed in hard opposition to the Dakota Access Pipe Line drilling under the Missouri river.


The movement was started by our Native Youth and led by our Native Elders.

Our Native people faced military type forces daily, a lot were injured, arrested, and wrongfully threatened by the injustices of the legal system as our political parties were at that time changing.


Portland Oregon, was very involved in supporting

 this event.

We have many tribal members from the Dakota's who reside here in Oregon now and they have built solid community with the rising number of those who have learned the truth about the treatment of the Native American People over the last 500 years. 


One of our Portland Oregon Camps at Standing Rock was facilitated by Rose Linda Looking and her family, to enable John Sanchez to lead the veterans caravan in December. John Sanchez led several caravans to and from Portland from the beginning to the end in Feb 2017.      


Is to carry on the fire of the teachings that started from Standing Rock. 


We learn, with guidance from our tribal Elders. 

We embrace our community by 

supporting the people who are taking the lead on being a voice for our Mother Earth,

We Assist,

by raising funds, creating meaningful cultural events,

sharing experiences and educating,

And being of service in anyway needed. 


We learn, embrace, Educate, and assist in service. 


Rose Linda Looking President Chair

 Assinaboine Sioux from Ft. Peck Indian Reservation Montana.

Rose has worked over 30 years as a drug and alcohol counselor with 42 years of personal sobriety. She is currently working in Seattle WA as an Elder Liason for Mother Nations and is a case manager for Spirit Journey House.   


John D. Spence
Gros Ventre/Dakota Sioux
Ft. Belknap Reservation Montana
Marine Veteran, MSW, phD,
Author of the book "Crazy Wolf"
A Half-Breed Story.
John taught 20 plus years at PSU.
and has another 30 plus years actively involved in Social work, organizing community, therapeutic counseling with horses, and many other things that serve the causes he feels strongly about.
John is one of our treasured elders.  



John Sanchez

Board Chair

Shashone/Bannok Carrizo Comecrudo.

Long standing  A.I.M member and Native activist.

Leader of the PDX to Standing Rock caravans.  


Nico Wind Cordova

Board Chair- Media Productions

Assinaboine/Ojibwe/Lakota Mix

Ft.Belknap Hays  MT.

Raised in Portland OR. 


40 plus years as a professional traveling musician leading her own band of up to 16 members.  

Music producer, director, and manager for recordings, radio, and T.V. productions for cultural non profit organizations and many other projects.


Activist for sustainable and environmental friendly quality of  life 

especially for the Animals. 


Went to Standing Rock in 2016 with the Veterans caravan to stand in solidarity with our people, and helped raise funds and facilitated caring for the HORSES for the duration of the time they were at camp. 



Ted Dreier


Retired Portland public school teacher.

In 2016 and 2017 Ted helped transform two school busses into medical bunk buses and then delivered them to the medical center at the Oceti Sakowin camp in Standing Rock ND. 

He joined the PNWCWP organization after returning to Portland. Ted is also actively involved with other groups who oppose environmental desecration. Specifically a group with the Klamath Tribes to oppose the Climate-Killing Jordan Cove fracked gas project.    

Kay Eagle Staff

Board Member


University of South Dakota


Charmaine Kinney

Board Member

PSU Graduate 

Sr. QM Coordinator, MHASD at Multnomah County OR.

John (Buzz) Nelson

Vice President

Lakota, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation S.D.

Marine Veteran

Buzz was one of the founding members of NARA here in Portland OR.

He has over 50 years of sobriety and continues to serve and consult for many Indian Community causes.

Buzz leads with Native cultural and spiritual

guidance and went to Standing Rock with the veterans caravan.   

Make A Stand For Future Generations 
Ed Edmo- Anne Morin Photo 2018
John Sanchez
Photo Robi Chakraborty
Zenger Farm poster 2
Little girl at Delta Park Powwow

We are heart broken with the recent loss of our beloved Grandma Aggie

(Agnes Baker Pilgrim) founding member of the 13 Indigenous grandmothers.

Gramma Aggie went on the star hyway in November 2019.


This is a photo of Gramma Aggie holding a water blessing  ceremony at the PNWCWP Medicine Gathering on September 7th 2019.

We are holding prayers in honor of her, her family, and everyone who loved her.

She will be so missed.