We are a small non-profit group of people who work hard at developing strategies on how to best raise awareness and resources needed to support water protectors who actively continue to be a voice for mother earth.


The ideas that were exchanged during the movement that started at Standing Rock North Dakota 2016, were that we all can unite, rise up, and evolve as more responsible human beings for our planet and each other. 

As a Native American culture, we have always looked to our spiritual elders who have been guided and directed by our ancestors and who can teach us of the ancient prophecies.

Some of the many messages have always been about things like: leaving a place better than you found it, exchanging a fair value when you take something by giving back, respecting and honoring mother earth and all living things, and that there are times to be quiet and times to take action.

Our elders tell us that we are living in the times of the prophecies right now! and that we all must awaken and take action in a good way with love and peace in our hearts. 


We are so grateful to be in partnership with several organizations here are a few who have supported and help raise us up. 

Native Wellness Institute 
2830 SE Cleveland Drive
Gresham, OR 97080 
PHONE: 503-666-7669
FAX: 503-669-8339​
NAYA Family Center
5135 NE Columbia Boulevard
Portland, OR 97218
(503) 288-8177
main fax: (503) 288-1260
Administration Oyate Building
1776 SW Madison
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503-224-1044
Portland Harbor Community Coalition 
phone: 503-816-4342 email: You can also catch us on social media on all platforms @ourfutureriver
Future Generations Collaborative
Multnomah County General Information Line: 503 823-4000 
Earth Generations Council
PO BOX 33343
Portland OR 97292
Mother Nation
4250 S Mead St.
Seattle, Wa 98118
(206) 722-2321